We’re back Over The Hump


TGM’s Covid-inspired magazine programme Over The Hump is back for its second season!

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We led Over The Hump for September 16 with Dr Tonya Villafana, the Trinidad-born immunologist and VP of Infectious Disease at AstraZeneca. She spoke about vaccine development and addressed doubts around the development of the Covid-19 vaccine.

One-time press officer for the late Maurice Bishop and journalist Don Rojas discussed the recently Africa-Caricom Summit. Filmco interim executive director Mariel Brown gave preview of what’s to come in the T&T Film Festival which begins on September 22.

In our Consistency segment, clinical psychologist Isolde Ali Ghent addresses undiagnosed issues that affect adults in the conclusion of a two-part interview.

We return to migration with the spotlight on the Migrant Ministry in Penal featuring the programme’s coordinators Daniel George and Cristina John-Garcia. And granola is what gave filmmakers Steven and Rheem Taylor a new avenue for to pivot during the Covid-19.

Listen to this season’s episodes of Over The Hump below.

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2 comments on “We’re back Over The Hump

  1. Excellent cnversation on Venezuelan migration. Thank you.

  2. Tracy Hutchinson Wallace Sep 12, 2021

    Nevermind the perceptions of the layman re. the socio-economic status of the families of SEND students …. The MoE and MSD both know the truth of the matter. Schools refuse access to neurodiverse students, and with no recourse to the authorities, parents MUST beg, borrow or band-their-bellies to send their children to school because it is ILLEGAL and unethical and immoral to do otherwise.

    These parents have priorities and imperatives that CANNOT be ignored – food, housing, health. All of which need a whole-of-society approach to deal with this, from the government, business sector, civil society. I am still not seeing a cohesive approach. There’s an ingrained ableism that prevents change.