TGM joins Animae Caribe

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Trini Good Media is the official media partner for the 2020 version of Animae Caribe, the Caribbean’s longest running animation festival.

TGM will be providing a unique aural experience for the Festival’s first virtual edition. You can hear our broadcasts by listening on this page or by visiting our broadcast link.

Animae Caribe Festival has always embodied a Caribbean regional approach to the growth and development of the animation and gaming  sector.  The festival platform continues to be critical for nurturing the industry in the region.

The festival will take place on Friday 30 October and Saturday 31 October with a dynamic, online experience which will be heightened by interactive lectures, demonstrations, industry leadership sessions, and a VR closing party featuring Freetown Collective in a 3D Animae Caribe Virtual party space. 

To make the festival a reality for 2020, the team formulated a ‘Digital Corporative’ where services in technology, sound, animation, website app development, Virtual Reality services were bartered in exchange for the creation of a digital collaborative space.

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