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Like comedy? There are podcasts about that.

Seeking spiritual upliftment? There are podcasts for that.

Planning to start birdwatching? There are even podcasts for that.
There are podcasts available for virtually any topic you can think of.

Podcasts have emerged as the fastest growing area in media today.

Major news organisations, big brands, celebrities and independent creators are all using podcasts to tell important stories.

If you want to create your own podcast but don’t know where to start, this is your opportunity.

Local digital media company Trini Good Media is staging You Can Make A Podcast – an intensive three-part training programme designed to give participants a solid introduction to the essentials of making a professional podcast.

You Can Make a Podcast zeroes in on these critical areas

  • Ideation
  • Sound editing
  • Microphone technique
  • Interviewing
  • Sound design basics
  • Podcast marketing and distribution.

Course Details

MODULE 1 – Tuesday 25 August, 10am – 12.30pm
Ideation – Is your idea a good idea?

Why is your idea important? Who is the audience? What kind of podcast do you want it to be? How to develop your idea and choose a format for your podcast.


Mel Harris, Director, Sparklab Productions, Manchester, UK.
Tony Phillips, Chief Content Officer, Broccoli Content, London, UK.

Mel and Tony will speak from the perspectives of programme maker and commissioner respectively. It’s going to be an interactive session, and participants will be able to ask

MODULE 2 – Thursday 10 September, 12pm – 5pm
Interview tips – How to structure an interview
Arranging interviews, managing different kinds of interviewees and interview ethics.

Laura Dowrich-Phillips, Regional Lifestyle editor (LoopCaribbean, Port of
In this session, Laura will draw on her years of experience interviewing a range of subjects.

Sound recording and editing
What equipment is essential? Capturing sound for different kinds of podcasts. Types of editing software. Using Audacity, basics and cool tips.

Piers Melbourne, Senior Trainer, BBC World Service
Piers will bring to bear 30 years of experience in audio production and training at the BBC in London and at BBC bureaus in locations like Afghanistan, Nigeria and India.

Participants will be asked to put together a 3-minute piece based on the lessons from Module 2. These will be assessed during Module 3 and some of the facilitators will listen
and give feedback.

MODULE 3 – Thursday 17 September, 12pm – 4pm
Sound design basics
What is sound design? How to use it in creating your podcast? What are simple tricks that can make a big difference? How to use music without infringing copyright?

Facilitator – Ian Coss (PRX, Radiotopia – Boston, US)
In this session, Ian will draw on his vast experience in radio production. He will play examples of some of his best work and talk about the process of creating the backdrops for different kinds of podcasts.

Podcast distribution and marketing – Putting your podcast out on various platforms Different approaches to podcast marketing and making revenue from your podcast.

Facilitator – Niala Boodhoo (Axios, Washington, DC)

Assignment Review
Selected facilitators will give feedback on the assignment given in Module 2.

The Coaching Team

Mel Harris (Sparklab Productions, Manchester UK)

Mel is the leader one of the UK’s best known audio production companies. A former BBC producer, Mel and her team make a wide range of audio documentaries, features and short-form drama for the BBC. She has also produced audio stories and podcasts for museums, galleries, arts projects, charities and branded podcasts for businesses. In 2019, she worked with Trini Good Media to produce three radio dramas which aired during Carifesta and on BBC Radio 3. Mel is half-Trinidadian and she is keen to promote Trinidadian talent on a bigger stage.

Tony Phillips (Broccoli Content, London, UK)

Tony has many years of experience in making and commissioning audio productions. He has been a commissioner for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. In recent years, he worked at the cutting edge of podcast production as VP of On-demand Content at New York Public Radio’s WNYC Studios. He is now Chief Content Officer at Broccoli Content, a company based in London that is keen to bring diverse talent in front of and behind the mic. Tony’s parents are from St Kitts and he has worked throughout the region, for his troubles he is a fan of West Indies cricket and Leeds United.

Laura Dowrich-Phillips (LoopCaribbean, Trinidad)

Laura is the Regional Lifestyle editor at Loop Caribbean. She is one of the region’s top entertainment writers and has an eye for unique
story angles. Over the years, Laura has interviewed across the human spectrum – from politicians to “Trinibad” artistes. She is the co-host of the podcast Music Matters – The Caribbean Edition podcast and is passionate about regional entertainment, culture and tourism.

Piers Melbourne (BBC World Service, UK)

A veteran trainer with the BBC, Piers is highly-regarded for his deep knowledge of radio technology gained over a 30-year career. Piers is an expert on a variety of audio production platforms and brings a sense of humour to his training sessions. He has trained BBC producers and correspondents in places like Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Kenya, Brazil, Egypt, Lebanon, Ghana and India.

Ian Coss (PRX and Radiotopia, Boston, USA)

Ian is a producer and sound designer with PRX Productions. His work has been featured on NPR, Al Jazeera, the BBC and over a dozen podcasts, earning an Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in sound. He holds a PhD in ethnomusicology from Boston University, where he studied radio broadcasting in Haiti and its diaspora.

Niala Boodhoo (Axios, Washington DC)

Niala Boodhoo is the voice behind the new daily podcast Axios Today. Born in the US to Trinidadian parents, she has an extensive career in which she has worked at organisations like the Miami Herald, Chicago Public Media, Reuters and Illinois Public Radio where she founded the award-winning programme The 21st. In her year-long Knight Fellowship at the University of Michigan, she focused on creating replicable business plans for local news podcasts.

Who is this for?

This programme is for anyone who is interested in making podcasts and audio artefacts. An understanding of audio editing would be helpful but not necessary.
Participants should be podcast listeners, as this will enable participation in the discussions.

For maximum benefit, participants are advised to do all three modules.
However, participants can opt to do Module One without moving on to the rest of the programme.
Module One is free to participants who are doing the entire course.
The course is being done remotely, and all work will be done on participants’ machines. Please ensure that you can run and download Audacity on your machine.
Audacity is free to download.

Course Fees

Module One only – TT$300
Modules 1 – 3 – TT$3,500.

For more information, contact us via email or send a WhatsApp message to 868-708-6362.

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