T&T Carnival – To Be or Not To Be?


What would T&T Carnival look like in the post-Covid era?

Even without an official announcement, it appears that Trinidadians and Tobagonians are accepting that part of the immediate post-Covid future will be no Carnival celebration in February 2021.

On this week’s edition of Over The Hump, the discussions centred around the possible implications for the national festival in 2021. Based on the responses from listeners and visitors to the Trini Good Media Facebook page, many believe that Carnival should be at least postponed to later in 2021.

National Carnival Commission chairman Winston Peters told Over The Hump the organisation is waiting until the end of August to make a decision about the fate of the Festival.

Dean Ackin, Tribe Carnival CEO outlined the large ecosystem that will be negatively affected if Carnival is cancelled, but he said the first priority for his organisation is the health and safety of patrons and masqueraders.

Also featuring on Over The Hump were Massy Trinidad All Stars PRO Staci-Ann Patrick, T&T Promoters Association PRO Paige de Leon and psychologist Wendy Jeremy.

What would T&T Carnival look like in the post-Covid era?

We want to hear your comments about the prospects for holding Carnival 2021. Please leave a comment in the section below, or on our Facebook page.



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6 comments on “T&T Carnival – To Be or Not To Be?

  1. We have to be certain that Covid 19 is a memory , and I am not sure that February 2021 we will be there yet
    During this crazy time we saw so many great things and people evolve, maybe we need a time out, to rethink and reset Carnival and not repeat the norm year after year as a tradition.
    We can plan and produce a truly greatest show on each ,without the fear of Covid 19.
    Carnival under the new normal.

  2. NIcole Apr 30, 2020

    Great programme Franka and Ardene. I think we do need to take the time now to start reimagine the Carnival – not just for the immediate post Covid reality but for all time. There will be less money across the board – no Govt funding, no disposable income from party-goers and masquerades, no investment income from corporates for marketing and PR. SO where will the carnival investment money come from and that as we know is what drives business.

  3. Nicole Apr 30, 2020

    I believe we spend too much time comparing and contrasting and not commensurate time thinking about what excellence means…so we compare TT carnival to Cropover or Notting Hill etc…but really to what end?

  4. Nicole Apr 30, 2020

    The challenge for us I think with re-opening is are we comfortable that our Medical system and state infrastructure can handle large numbers of people being ill? Also can we mange the reputation impact of Trinidad and Tobago having large numbers of sick people as a result of hosting a carnival?

  5. Nigel Telesford Apr 30, 2020

    Yes. It’s the perfect time to reorganize and plan a technologically superior Carnival that can showcase our various skills talents and creative/entertainment services for the 21st Century. The quality of the Carnival product has diminished severely in recent times and should be reimagined and conceptualized for a brand new world where people will prefer to enjoy such things virtually via the digital media, or can only assemble in small numbers and participate in more individualistic ways.. Great topic. This is all long overdue (the re-imagining of Carnival) and clearly it MUST be done now.

  6. Camille Pierre Apr 30, 2020

    Perhaps going forward, given that our nation is 50+ years old, that the interviews encapsulate input from persons over each of the decades. Maybe we will find our answers in their utterances.