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The focus of the April 16 edition of Over The Hump was the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the local food industry.

Listen to Over the Hump – April 16 edition

We spoke to Agriculture minister Clarence Rambharat who issued a challenge to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to confront the country’s current health crisis caused by the high rate of non-communicable diseases.

He observed that many people are starting kitchen gardens during this time of virtual lockdown and said, “I’ve been telling people, why don’t you grow your own pharmacy?” We’ve had a long history of using fever grass, using ginger and using turmeric. Why don’t you plant around the house the things you can use for medication?

The restaurant industry also fell under the spotlight, as we spoke with Alison Mair-Pascal, one of the managing partners of the Chaud Group of restaurants. She spoke about the uncertainty that faces the sector and how worry about her staff kept her awake at night.

BONUS: Listen to Dr Wayne Ganpat, head of UWI’s Faculty of Agriculture speak about the need for community gardens in T&T.

One of the country’s most progressive young farmers and agricultural entrepreneur Alpha Sennon, spoke about how his company is helping citizens in their quest for home food production. The self-describer Global AgriEduTainer noted that agriculture is now on the front burner as people take a greater interest in growing the basics at home.

Through his business Why Farm, Sennon sells and delivers seedlings and vegetable boxes, for more information call 382-5780.

Listen to Over the Hump – April 16 edition

Diego Martin chef Simmone Edwin is helping by cooking meals for struggling families in her area. In March, she made an appeal on Facebook for donations of foodstuff to help in her drive. She’s doing it again on April 29.

We at Trini Good Media are supporting her efforts and are asking urging our supporters to get involved. We also hope to get other chefs involved so that more families can benefit during these difficult times.

If you’re interested in helping Chef Simmone, give her a call on 698-9535  or contact her through her Facebook business page, Meraki Caterers.

Photo by Nadianb/DepositPhotos.

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