Fun was the order of the day on the last edition this first season of Just Music!

We had some thought-provoking statements from our special guest DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Listen to Franka’s interview with DJ Jazzy Jeff

Franka and Ardene also went head to head in their soundclash – Just Music style! 

Listen to the Just Music Season One finale here

We will be taking a short break to come back with a bang for our second season. 

Stay with us on our social media pages for updates about when that’s going to be. 

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If you want to listen to past shows, check out the links below.




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I agree with Ards…its just an amazing experience watching & grooving with Frank’s when her music is playing….its like she never wants it to end

Drawing and painting in my bedroom while listening to the music, guys. Thank you so much for doing this, Franka and Ardene. Best Sunday ever!

Dreadlocks brings back such good memories of D’Yard and Rituals Music. Great selections Franka and Ardene

Actually, it was Natalie Cole who started that 2016 wave of celebrity sudden deaths. Not David Bowie. She died December 31, 2015 and the flood gates opened

Today was my first as a listener. This is a great product. It reminds me of the days when radio presented a variety of genres, once the song wasca hit and we were exposed to a vast pallette.

Love the variety and learning about songs and artistes I never knew before! The good vibes ooze through my speakers and the hours fly by cuz its obvious the hosts are having a great time and we can feel it!!!

Many of these theme songs play a part in the songbook of my life. There was so much music artistry in many television programmes apart from the show itself. Thanks for taking us on this journey.
I remember I used to sneak out of my bed to watch Prisoner when my parents were asleep!

Omg this is fantastic!!! We are here In the best throwback- listening to the ‘radio’, re-living momemts, commenting like back in d day! Thank you!! #covidsilverlining

He never mentions Billy Reece where he was the Dj on a Saturday morning and will say “Hey Billy, tell me the time,” and Billy will reply “eleven o clock.” They were a fantastic duo. He never does.

This is a great session, unlike what we may typically hear and so enjoyable on this Sunday evening.