Live in the time of Corona


Just Music was created to relieve the doom and gloom ushered in by the first wave of the Covid-19 lockdown. Franka and Ardene asked friends to suggest tunes that reminded them of better times, these formed the basis for ten weeks of fun, laughter and entertainment. 


DJ JAZZY JEFF – MAY 24, 2020

In the final edition of Season One of Just Music, Franka interviews DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Classics of soul and Neo-soul selected by Trini hip hop guru Jus Jase plus an interview with some tunes selected by popular New York DJ Tara.

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MOTHER’S DAY – MAY 10, 2020

Mother’s Day picks featuring selections from celebrity Moms – soca star Destra Garcia and DJ Alicia “The Duchess” Awai. 

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DJ RENNIE B – MAY 3, 2020

A look at the career of legendary Trinidadian broadcaster and DJ, Rennie Bishop featuring music curated by Rennie B himself. 

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People share the music that marked their milestones – first kiss, first record bought and even first tune recorded off the radio!

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TV THEMES – APRIL 19, 2020

The movie and TV themes edition featured composers Quincy Jones and Mike Post. Take a fantastic journey with music from soundtracks like Prince’s Purple Rain and Love Jones.  

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Life coach Giselle Husdon, former rapso poet Omari Ashby, Kes the Band’s Robert Persaud and all-woman female collective Batti Mamzelle pick songs on the theme of freedom.

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A tribute to Bill Withers plus selected live recordings from QED TT, Keshav Singh and Bunji Garlin & Fay Ann Lyons. 

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A special “Skettel session” featuring hits from some of dancehall’s leading female artistes and comments from Jamaica’s dancehall academic Donna Hope.

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The first edition of Just Music where friends of Trini Good Media sent some of their favourite tunes to Franka and Ardene.  

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36 comments on “Live in the time of Corona

  1. Sandra Mar 22, 2020

    A good initiative you guys. Keep it up!

  2. Did you play my song as yet .I now got in

  3. Bianca Mar 22, 2020

    I agree with Ards…its just an amazing experience watching & grooving with Frank’s when her music is playing….its like she never wants it to end

  4. The Funk just won’t leave us alone…

  5. Leslie Ann Mar 22, 2020

    This is so great ladies! Enjoying the choices!

  6. Halcian Pierre Mar 22, 2020

    Drawing and painting in my bedroom while listening to the music, guys. Thank you so much for doing this, Franka and Ardene. Best Sunday ever!

  7. pauline Mar 22, 2020

    jamiroquai !!!!!! making my evening.

  8. Anne-Marie Rooks Mar 22, 2020

    Hello. Not on TWITTER.
    May I hear Plenty Lovin’ by Merchant?

  9. Allison Goddard Mar 22, 2020

    Nice music ladies! 💕

  10. Candy Mar 22, 2020


  11. Enjoying the session. ♥️

  12. Akiela Apr 5, 2020

    I’m on the inside. Good evening guys.

  13. Christiane Williams Apr 5, 2020

    Oh gorm, yuh playing the bacchanal song!!! Loving this.

  14. Dionne Apr 5, 2020

    Dreadlocks brings back such good memories of D’Yard and Rituals Music. Great selections Franka and Ardene

  15. Eric Barry Apr 5, 2020

    Actually, it was Natalie Cole who started that 2016 wave of celebrity sudden deaths. Not David Bowie. She died December 31, 2015 and the flood gates opened

  16. Rhonz Apr 6, 2020

    Whezzzz tuned in right as Fantasy (EWF) began! Tune boy! U go girlz

  17. Eric Barry Apr 6, 2020

    Today was my first as a listener. This is a great product. It reminds me of the days when radio presented a variety of genres, once the song wasca hit and we were exposed to a vast pallette.

  18. Akiela Apr 12, 2020

    Love, love, love this song

  19. Christiane Apr 12, 2020

    Best version. Heather and Andrea!

  20. Christiane Apr 12, 2020

    Plenty years ago, Eddie won an international competition in Australia,I think…

  21. Kamaria Apr 19, 2020

    Love the variety and learning about songs and artistes I never knew before! The good vibes ooze through my speakers and the hours fly by cuz its obvious the hosts are having a great time and we can feel it!!!

  22. Nicole Duke-westfield Apr 19, 2020

    Many of these theme songs play a part in the songbook of my life. There was so much music artistry in many television programmes apart from the show itself. Thanks for taking us on this journey.
    I remember I used to sneak out of my bed to watch Prisoner when my parents were asleep!

  23. Nicole Duke-westfield Apr 19, 2020

    great Sunday evening listening and grooving.

  24. Candy Apr 19, 2020

    I love this…singing at the top of my sons are laughing at me and its ok!!!!!!

  25. Alison Mair-Pascal Apr 20, 2020

    Omg this is fantastic!!! We are here In the best throwback- listening to the ‘radio’, re-living momemts, commenting like back in d day! Thank you!! #covidsilverlining

  26. eddoes Apr 26, 2020

    locked on

  27. Nicole Apr 26, 2020

    Liking the groove this week ladies.

  28. Amanda Cornwall May 3, 2020

    Enjoying this groove

  29. Philip D'Espyne May 3, 2020

    He never mentions Billy Reece where he was the Dj on a Saturday morning and will say “Hey Billy, tell me the time,” and Billy will reply “eleven o clock.” They were a fantastic duo. He never does.

  30. John Gill May 3, 2020

    Play First true love affair Jimmy Ross. He made that song popular

  31. But you have links to Carl Henderson…Meko!

  32. Jenelle May 3, 2020

    Having a fabulous time with this Rennie B flashback.

  33. Nicole May 17, 2020

    This is a great session, unlike what we may typically hear and so enjoyable on this Sunday evening.

  34. Priya May 24, 2020

    Very hot

  35. Natasha Skinner - Rocke May 24, 2020

    Well curated and received ladies…Bless