Prendergast, pastelles and parang


ABOVE: David Prendergast, right, chats with Franka at the Jamaican High Commission in St Clair, Port of Spain.

David Prendergast is a Jamaican who loves parang and pastelles.

He developed a penchant for these uniquely Trinidadian things during his four-year tenure as High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago.

This edition of Talk ‘Bout Us, features an interview he did with Franka just before he returned to Jamaica earlier this year.

In this conversation, he speaks about the sometimes tricky relationship between T&T and Jamaica. The rivalry between the two countries usually manifests as light-hearted banter about football or food but in recent years, issues like immigration and trade have created some high tension.

Prendergast also speaks about how culture has been a unifying force and the ways in which this country captured his heart.


Produced by Franka Philip and Ardene Sirjoo for Trini Good Media

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