David Rudder – Griot for our time


Above, David Rudder. PHOTO: Chad Santana

In this edition of Talk ‘Bout Us, we conclude our Carnival 2019 series The Re-Release with a heavy hitter – David Michael Rudder.

Rudder is without a doubt, one of the Caribbean’s most influential musical storytellers. His thought-provoking and incisive lyrics have enlightened the Caribbean consciousness with songs like Haiti (I’m Sorry), Rally Round the West Indies, Ganges Meets the Nile, Calypso Music, Rant of a Madman and 1990.

He tells Franka how the events sparked by the death of young black boy in August 1991 in Brooklyn inspired his favourite song. Interestingly, Rudder says his 2019 release Mix It and Bring It is what he would consider his re-release.


Produced by Franka Philip and Ardene Sirjoo
Theme and sound design by Lyndon Livingstone – Razorshop Productions

Into the Night, Calypso Music and Mix it and Bring it written by David Rudder.

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