3canal – Vibrating the Space


Above: 3canal in a promotional shot for the 2019 concert Zingaytalala. PHOTO: MARIA NUNES

In this episode, of Talk ‘Bout Us, we are into the second part of our special Carnival 2019 series – The Re-Release. The men of rapso collective 3canal talk to Franka about the songs that have meant the most to them over their more than 20-year career and which songs they think could do with a second outing.

1n 1998, 3canal gave the rapso genre a shot in the arm with their monster hit Blue. In the years that followed, Wendell Manwarren, Stanton Kewley and Roger Roberts (original member John Isaacs passed away in 2000) have been shining a light on society in a style that stays true to a uniquely Trinidadian oral tradition.

3Canal also pays tribute to late producer Sheldon “$hel $hok” Benjamin who was behind several of their hits including Talk Yuh Talk, One in a Million and Good Morning.

The guys highlight plans for their 2019 concert Zingaytalalala which celebrates their 25th anniversary in J’ouvert. The concert takes place at Queen’s Hall, Port-of-Spain from February 18 to 20, 2019.

For more information about 3canal, their concert and their music, visit the 3canal website.

Produced and presented by Franka Philip
Theme music and sound design by Lyndon Livingstone (Razorshop Productions)

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