Nadia Batson – Our real Caribbean Girl


Above: Nadia Batson performs at Fete With the Saints on February 9, 2019. Photo by K. Smith Photography.

It’s Season Two of Talk ‘Bout Us!

What a time to start a brand new season, it’s the height of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago and the country is pulsing with the excitement of parties, sweet music and a whole heap of good vibes.

The first episodes for this season are unapologetically Carnival-themed.

Our opening salvo is an interview with soca star and brilliant songwriter Nadia Batson. She’s the woman responsible for writing two of 2019’s biggest hits – Hookin Meh by Farmer Nappy and her own very popular So Long.

The conversation with Nadia is the first in a series we’ve titled The Re-Release and it’s an idea that we’ve played with for a while.

Franka has sat down with some of our leading performers and in the course of the interviews, she’s asked two key questions – of all your hits, what’s your favourite and if you had the chance to pick a song from your catalogue, tweak it and release it today what would it be?
Next up in the series is rapso collective 3canal who are celebrating 25 years in J’ouvert in 2019.

Before Carnival, we’re also going to revisit Living Vibration, a discussion about the evolution of our oral traditions hosted by the Bocas Lit Fest in collaboration with True Talk No Lie.

And for some fun, we’ll post an impromptu interview with the soca legend that is Machel Montano and a chat on Food in Fetes.
Stay tuned!

Episode Credits

Produced and presented by Franka Philip
Theme music and sound design by Lyndon Livingstone (Razorshop Productions)
Caribbean Girl and One Island written by Nadia Batson.

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4 comments on “Nadia Batson – Our real Caribbean Girl

  1. Natalee Legore Feb 12, 2019

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview Franka. Nadia Batson was never one of my favorite soca artistes, but after this interview, more than her music, I have a far greater appreciation for the woman she is. Congratulations to both of you. Send her my way for some airtime!

    • sardent Mar 24, 2019

      Thanks Natalee, we’ll let Nadee know that you’re a fan and that you’d love an interview.

  2. thaddyBOOM Feb 22, 2019

    really good vibes, I can get behind this.