Etienne and his Devils


In this special episode of Talk ‘Bout Us, Trinidad & Tobago’s leading jazz musician Etienne Charles talks to Franka about his latest work Carnival – The Sound of a People 2.0, his love of devil characters in Trinidad Carnival and his 2018 Carnival band.

Read Franka’s review of the concert here.

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Edited and produced by Franka Philip

Hosted by Franka Philip and Ardene Sirjoo

Music : Etienne Charles

Photos: Maria Nunes

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4 comments on “Etienne and his Devils

  1. Ards, I have to agree with Franka, you really did miss out =). It was my first time at one of Etienne’s shows and I was Blown Away! Really a world class musical presentation and so rich with good Trini culture. Baby doll and the jab jabs were excellent as well. Congrats to you both on ‘TriniGoodMedia’!!

  2. Great job! Educational and looking forward to other episodes.

  3. Rhoda Reddock Feb 7, 2018

    Excellent interview, just confirm, it was only in audio?
    I like his commitment to research and renewal. We really need to know more about ourselves. Our ignorance of our history and Cultural and artistic heritage probably accounts for some of our aimlessness and fumbling along.

  4. Marlon Rouse Mar 4, 2018

    This is very good! Great job guys, very informative podcast and truly inspired work!!