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Trini Good Media is pleased to present GoatoberTT!

It’s June and we’re launching our slate of events that will culminate in a “Festival of Goat” on October 19.

First up is UK chef and author, our “Goatober godfather” James Whetlor doing an intensive workshop on goat butchery and cooking goat in several ways.

Join James as he teaches the craft of goat butchery, cooks dishes from his James Beard award-winning book Goat Cooking and Eating, and tells the incredible story of how with his company Cabrito Goat Meat, he shook up the UK dairy goat industry.

Working alongside James will be Chef Bianca Bianco who has years of teaching experience from the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education in New York.

After a day of cutting and cooking, participants will be treated to a small lime with wine.

This workshop is being hosted by GoatoberTT, which is led by local food journalist Franka Philip in conjunction with the Academy for Baking and Pastry Arts.

Cost: $1250 per person

For registration and payment details email

On June 29, it’s Peace, Love and Goat on a day of food, fun and music

Take a journey with a bunch of fun-loving foodies to a beautiful location.

Bring your sides and we’ll provide the meat: goat cooked in several mouth-watering ways along with succulent roast pork or barbecue chicken.

Star of the show will be top UK chef and goat expert James Whetlor who will be here fresh off a successful River Cottage Food Festival and winning a James Beard Award to demonstrate goat cooking live on the grill.

Cuisine Cruisin’ was conceptualised as a culinary excursion and it works like this – park your vehicle in a secure spot and take the journey to a lush beautiful location where you’ll set up your picnic.

More details about the parking location will be announced soon.

Walk with your chairs, picnic tables and coolers and settle in for a great big food lime. In short order you’ll be tucking into some wonderful goat.

Tickets : $375.

To purchase tickets, visit our online ticket vendor.

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